Who am I

I am my son when I wake in the morning.

I am the company I work for because I believe we can do more good together than apart; because I believe we come together to fall apart; because that is progress.

I am my husband in his nonsense wandering through the day, dreamily dissolving into distraction as he plays and wrestles to the ground the attention of 8 year olds. I am my husband as we wrestle our own eight year olds to our own inner grounds.

I am my kitteh – soulful and slothful.  I rise and shine on my own time.

I am my Rabbi – quietly available to all (if they ask).  A non-daily- practicing, practicing Jew.  To be of this world I am feeble, flexible and fed by trying.

I am my car.  Portable. Moving. Contained yet exposed to the elements. Operating in untraceable, oft-repetitive ways, across the hours of our days.  Holder of many tears. Raucous Laughter. The Banter of Boys. The divide of a family.

In Common Every Day Speak: Gabriella Strecker is an Organizational Development professional living in Brookline, Massachusetts. A passion for the intricacies of relationship led Gabriella from an education in expressive psychotherapy to a career in the corporate world where she focuses on helping leaders and teams talk about the elephant in the room; to stop beating the dead horse; and to find ways to work together with as much ease and enjoyment as they can muster (or are willing to contribute – sometimes these things are different).  Over time, Gabriella has been self-employed; the leader of a practice area in a consulting firm or two; and now a Global Head of Organizational Development for a pharmaceutical company focused on integrated Diabetes and Cardiovascular care.  Gabriella believes in the power of established institutions as agents for good.  She joins large companies to help create (in small, every-day ways) that.  Gabriella can be reached at gabriella.salvatore5@gmail.com.